Brand Story

WELLMANN HOME | High end system customized home

Wellmann inherits the exquisite technology of Germany, integrates the extreme purity of Italian home system, and combines the three core systems of powerful design, manufacturing and service to create the minimalist life concept of modern home art.

The positioning of "Minimalism" is not only the thinking of design, but also the perception of home life. 

It emphasizes taking people as the core, restoring the truth and essence of life for people, and allowing people to maintain their true self and inner freedom.

Wellmann Since 1953


Wellmann was born in 1953 and was once a well-known cabinet brand in Germany. With years of brand history and the German brand gene known for its ingenuity spirit, wellmann has accumulated a deep and strong quality foundation and gradually formed its own artistic innovation and design expression.


Wellmann integrates European culture with the characteristics of the times, takes into account fashion trends and Humanities and arts, follows the balance between function and aesthetics, pursues the exquisite, simple and luxurious lifestyle and returns to the truth, and strives to give unlimited space with the least design, ultimate taste and simplify life by means of directness, purity and delicacy.


In 2018, nature home officially acquired wellmann, transforming from a single cabinet to the field of high-end system customized home, constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, carefully building the brand, ingeniously polishing the products, committed to building home space, building a comfortable and beautiful life experience, and providing high-quality system customized home products for high-end consumers.

Brand Strength

Wellmann's strength witness

Six links

Integrate the advantages of multiple channels and open up the six links of materials, technology, design, production, installation and service


Product optimization and upgrading, tailored to provide professional home space customization design solutions

Service system

Customized one-stop service, from design and production to transportation, installation and after-sales, to create a noble and high-quality customized service system

Rich products

Set doors, walls, cabinets, floors, finished furniture and other categories to provide rich product systems. At the same time, two well-known brands of German sachsenk Ü Chen cabinet and Italian novamobili home system are introduced to expand the product line and create a high-quality overall home space

Professional creation

It has its own design team and famous foreign designers, follows the modern minimalist product design concept, integrates humanistic art with modern fashion home elements, and professionally creates each set of high-end and exquisite customized home products